Relaxed and unobtrusive in my approach, I’m a specialist in documenting a wedding and creating beautiful images that are a long lasting record of your special day. If you choose me to record your wedding day you will be securing your own piece of family history. It’s not just about photographs. I produce everything from wedding albums to crystal clear prints. My work is about long lasting quality at realistic prices.

Wedding Photographer

I am a Destination Wedding Photographer based in United Kingdom. I live near Bristol, Gloucester, Swindon, Oxford, Bath, Reading, Newbury, London, Cirencester, Birmingham. I would love to come and visit you, listen to your wedding plans and discuss how I might help.

I travel regularly and shoot weddings throughout the United Kingdom and Europe upon request. I truly love to photograph weddings. My style is focused on a reportage approach and I recognise the desire amongst many of my clients to have high quality portrait pictures taken during the wedding too.

My approach

My approach is suited to couples who take their choice of photographer seriously. Those who appreciate quality and are looking for complete peace of mind in the knowledge that the most important day of their lives will be documented with skill in an unobtrusive and professional manner.

I’m passionate about my work as a Photographer and believe that comes across in my work. I believe that wedding photography should be creative, show emotion and tell the story of the whole day. After all is said and done and the guests have returned home after a truly memorable day – my photography serves as a beautiful and permanent reminder of your wedding day.

"Memories will fade in your mind with time, but will be preserved for lifetime in your wedding album"

Adam Alex


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My adventure with photography began when I was a kid. My father was a photography enthusiast but he never had enough time for his passions. Every free weekend we had a lot of fun with the camera and we visited many places where we enjoyed taking photos. He showed me how everything works… but that was childhood and fun.

As a clever young man I thought about my future. Soon, I started to take various jobs after school. On my career path I worked for well-known and less familiar corporations. I earned a Master’s Degree in the Marketing & Management of Companies. I spent a few highly successful years in the sales industry at the very top of my game. But this did not make me happy and I felt something a man should never feel: disconnected. My perspective on life was lost. And I started thinking about my future again. I asked myself “what will be my life when I turn 40?”. I knew two things: I wanted to work with people from around the world and I didn’t want to be in hurry all the time. The sales industry never sleeps.

During the whole of my life I have been accompanied by my camera in my spare time. This invisible passion has changed me so much, this passion initiated by my father. I found new meaning in life which brought me to the UK. My pictures convey truth and intensity now more than ever because I have found my peaceful place in the world. I think this makes me a more sensitive and perceptive person. At this point photography took a deep meaning for me.

Yes, Photographer

What I do is not driven by a desire for money. As I mentioned I was at the top of the sales industry and enjoyed wealth and status before and I could attain both again if I wished. But I won’t though. I simply don’t want or need to. I prefer my artistic soul.

I am telling you my story because you are investing in me, my vision that I see before me. After all, photographers mainly use the same makes of camera, we all print on similar albums and we all give promises of wonderful photos. But my images will make you dig deep. They are like memories with emotions which can even remind you of a smell or a taste.

I cannot tell you how I know when to catch the moment. I just know. Trust me on my instinct. Now I adore what I do. I am not a wedding photographer and I don’t just shoot a wedding. I tell the story of your love. I’m not just a photographer. My role is to narrate the story of your union through my photos. I am Tom Robak.


As a visual storyteller, I strive to document your wedding in my uniquely artistic way. I am honoured to have been considered as your wedding photographer and can repay your faith in me with luxurious, elegant and truly beautiful shots that I hope you’ll cherish forever.

My work is driven by passion and quality rather than financial gain. I also believe that when you’re choosing a photographer you should never be swayed by price over any other factor. If the reason that you are considering booking me is because you are looking for elegant photography that oozes character, then I can grant your wish.

In order to gain access to my full price list, simply get in touch with me at . We can talk through your ideas. I can discuss your unique wishes and requirements with you, helping you to turn even your most inventive and original ideas into a reality. If you’re planning a destination wedding, please contact me to talk about your event type.

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